Oct 8th: South Carolina State of Emergency update Some areas are still picking up the pieces in SC, particularly around Columbia, but to the best of our efforts all operations are now all running normally.  Thank you for your patience during this time, and your continued trust and business.

Oct 1st 2015 to Sept 30th 2016: Renewal of Certificate of Insurance sent out. For immediate copy call 704-587-0001 

Sept 28th: Advance notice of change to Line haul pricing and acceptance for Large Single Shipments and Oversize Pieces which will take effect on Oct 4th click here for Details.  Any questions please call Chip Popovici or Steve Perriman on 704-587-0001 extension 21 and 10 respectively, or book as normal through Station of origin.

Seven State 'RETAIL ROLL-OUTS': 3PL/Forwarders we cover AL, GA, FL, LA, NC, SC & TN.

White Glove service:
Call for quotes - service offered from most locations, one man/or 2 man teams with inside/debris removal etc.

Valid Quotes, Pricing and Expiration: When requesting a quote by phone or email please ensure you are also given the quote number.
When accepting a quote and confirming the task, this number must be referenced back to the Station for the pricing to be confirmed and valid.
If you do not, or cannot, provide a quote number we will re-quote or, if not re-quoted then the pricing will be rated and billed at the published tariff rates listed at time of invoicing.  All quotes are only valid with their number and all quotes expire after seven days.

Credit Cards Accepted: Call Denise 800-777-6068 # 15.        Credit Application Form: Click here to open and download.

Drivers Wanted: Looking for CDL A &B, and C class drivers - either Owner/Operators and/or Independent Contractors at most locations - currently seeking specifically for Atlanta, GA and Asheville, Charlotte and Greensboro, NC.  Click this link for the contact page and who to call. 

Sept 13th: As of Sunday Sept 13th Charlotte TSC (In-Bond customs clearance) fees will be $45.00.  
Additionally, Raleigh has re-priced some of its Tariff - please go to its rates page for further details/pricing and/or Call RDU on 877-430-2220

Sept 1st: We have reorganized our Fuel Grid to more closely conform to the market with break point pricing occurring on the 0 cent or 5c point rather than as before at the 2 or 7 cent point.  Please click on the Fuel grid link below if more clarification is required.

July 31st: Friday night added to the regular line haul schedule starting today Friday 31st July, so now running 6 nights a week - RDU to ATL calling at GSO, CLT and GSP.  Lock out in RDU at 1800hrs, arrival in ATL Sat a.m. 10:30 to Noon.  Any questions call Tony Kelly in ATL on 877-996-6950 or Steve Perriman in CLT

July 30th: Terms and Conditions of Carriage Change to Terms and Conditions of Carriage with respect to reporting times and handling related to Concealed damage implemented with immediate effect.  See link at bottom of this page

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Day Of
Local: 17%
Line Haul: 17%
EUV: 25%

Fuel Grid

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