Local Pick Up & Delivery

Special Service offers same-day Local Pick Up and Delivery, (and additional enhanced services – listed below) in 4 States, from twelve Terminals servicing eighteen cities and almost 2400 zip codes.
This footprint is extended through our partner network of seven Terminals to another 13 cities servicing 1500 zip codes.

This extensive southeastern service area is linked throughout with our dedicated Intercity Line Haul Network.

Alerts can be received by Fax, email or direct by EDI.  All stations are on a centrally run Freight Management System, Crown Freight Management, which can track and report status of your freight, and provide automatic updates to you as required.

Deliveries: Each location carries out morning ‘sweeps’ of the local airport or freight aggregation points, as well as other inbound/outbound carrier locations to recover freight for last mile distribution.  They also receive inbound freight direct from our own dedicated line haul, LTL truckers and other carriers.
Each facility operates from a multiple door warehouse to facilitate this recovery of freight, which is then checked in for completeness and good condition, sorted into local areas for delivery and then loaded out onto route trucks for final mile delivery.
Repackaging and reporting is also provided to ensure the freight arrives at the consignee in acceptable condition.
The route trucks often cover a 70 mile radius from the central Terminal, and can be tasked to deliver or recover at specific times, and/or supplemented by task-specific vehicles to support a single customer request.
Pick-Ups: These same route trucks, also supplemented by additional task-specific trucks, are tasked to do pick-ups from local shippers, and will pick-up this outbound freight usually later on in the day before they return to the local terminal.  The dispatch teams will work with you to report the weight/piece count and condition to facilitate your quick and easy routing out of that shipper freight.
If required we will repackage and label according to your specific needs.
We will then drop this freight at your chosen outbound location (trucker or airline) for onward movement, or hold if you are sending a carrier to our dock for a direct pick-up.
Please note: We strongly discourage rugs/mattresses/kayaks and other loose freight that’s awkward to move and lacking packaging protection to be tendered to us for transport.
If tendered, we reserve the right to turn down a damage claim if packaging is found to be insufficient.
Insurance charge will increase if additional Cargo Insurance requested AND formally accepted and charged for (See Terms & Conditions of Carriage).
Do not forget we also service outbound from the Carolinas into Atlanta, or a waypoint, with our own dedicated line haul service.

Enhanced’ Local PU & D services include:

Air Charter
Asset Recovery /Reverse logistics
Conventions/Sport and Music
Customs Bonded
Dedicated lanes
Disaster Preparedness
Hot Shots
Line haul
Local P&D
Military Bases
Retail roll-outs
Store refits
White Glove