Explore how our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the logistics landscape, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, convenience, and reliability in every shipment.

The Special Service Freight Management System

CrownConnect is an internet-based shipment tracking web-portal providing a higher level of service to customers thereby increasing productivity at both the forwarder originator and cartage operations ends.

Through a secure order entry screen orders can be tracked all the way through to completion.

When an order is entered the dispatcher can view confirmation the order was received, and as it moves through the delivery process, all updates are reflected in the system and available to dispatch. A dispatcher’s identification number, the driver assigned for pickup, and any issues related to the job such as wait time, are recorded and available for reference.

Customers are able to track statuses/PODs in real-time as shipments are updated with the ability to view current and historic images, charges, all scanned in and associated paperwork and notes.

Crown EDI facilitates computer-to-computer exchange of routine shipment data between trucking agents and forwarder/3PL customers in standard data formats.

This allows customers to send electronic order alerts directly to the trucking company’s computerized dispatch, with an electronic alert acceptance returned to the customer’s computer.
The system creates ‘On hand’, ‘Out for delivery’ and ‘POD delivery status updates’ which can be sent to the customer in near real-time.
Additionally, scanned images are sent directly into the customer’s computer system, and electronic invoices can also be sent directly to the customer.
This should eliminate or reduce unnecessary or disputed phone, fax and email communication between all parties.

Current EDI messaging includes 210 (Send/Receive Electronic Invoice), 211 (Inbound Alert, Pickup Recovered, Transferred, Delivery Onhand, Delivery Out for Delivery), and 214 (Proof Of Delivery Obtained) and Scans.

Crown Mobile is a two-way data communication system between dispatchers and drivers provides timely and accurate shipment status information, and where customers can be immediately updated with recovered times on pickup and PODs on deliveries as drivers update shipments.

Voice communication is eliminated between dispatchers and drivers as the dispatch screen is automatically updated by drivers’ actions.  Software automatically notifies dispatch that an order has been sent to the phone, when the order is on the phone and when the driver has viewed the order.
This powerful integrated technology provides the key benefits of time savings, reduced costs, increased productivity and service,e thereby benefiting customers and the trucking company.

Automated Customs Broker Interface – Air and Ocean Freight

Descartes EdiTrade is an advanced Automated Broker Interface (ABI) Solution to improve overall levels of compliance by enabling brokers and importers to easily and transparently collect and prepare data for Customs Automated Brokerage Interface (ABI) entries, as well as post-entry compliance. Using this solution, information can be captured in real-time and populated throughout various filing applications to speed processing and improve accuracy.  As a cartage company this lets us interface with pre-populated paperwork to quickly complete freight clearance without error.  It also provides real-time visibility of the status of the freight in the system such that earlier delivery plans can be implemented.


Telematics tracks the real-time locations, speeds and stop times for our fleet using either a hard-mounted tracking unit or a GPS-enabled mobile phone. Our vehicles can be organized into separate teams or groups for simple administration or viewing. Advanced alerting capabilities notify supervisors and dispatchers when vehicles are speeding, stopped for too long, or are traveling in or out of predefined geographic zones (geofences).  This system improves the security of the freight and proper reporting of delivery times or issues encountered on the road.

ELD, now mandated, is an automatic on-board recording devices which automatically records a driver’s duty status, any changes in status, and the amount of time they operate the vehicle.
While imposed as a regulatory control on hours of service on duty and driving, ELDs can monitor and record a whole host of data about the vehicle and its driver that go beyond RODS – from Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and IFTA automation to driver behavior reporting on speeding, idling, and hard braking.
Benefits include, save driver time by reducing paperwork, keeping a dispatcher up-to-date on a driver’s status, thereby letting them plan for loads better in light of HOS compliance needs, reducing the hassle of keeping a paper log and speeding the pass-through time at weigh stations, thus keeping the freight moving.

Trailer Tracking

All company trailers are equipped with a hidden cellular tracked GPS unit that automatically reports its location twice daily, and can also be ‘pinged’ as required for additional updated location tracking.


In continued efforts to reduce processing time, paperwork, and management time spent on collections Special Service encourages the use of ACH payments and receipts, EDI 210/electronic invoicing and accepts credit cards.